Vetoryl and the Cushing Disease

The Cushing’s disease causes suffering to the pet. However, vetoryl for dogs can relieve your canine friend from its suffering. As it is advisable for pet parents to be informed about the medicine, here are the details related to Vetoryl.

If you are a pet parent, you would have heard of and certainly detest the Cushing’s disease. It is distressing to watch your furry companion suffer with the detestable symptoms of this disease. What’s even more distressing is the fact that the Cushing disease cannot be cured. However, the symptoms can be reduced with the magic product of veterinary science; Vetoryl for dogs.

vetoryl for dogs

Details about Vetoryl

As a pet parent, it is important to gain an insight into the medicine being administered for the improved health of your lovable four legged companion.

Here’s more about Vetoryl.

• It is an Rx drug and must not be administered without being prescribed by a qualified veterinarian.

• The generic drug present in this is trilostane. It controls the excess production of the hormone cortisol. Excess production of cortisol is the culprit behind the Cushing’s disease.

• Improvement in the canine can be seen after several weeks.

• Vetoryl suffers from certain side effects. It is therefore, important for pet parents to discuss these with the vet and look out for the associated symptoms. Moreover, pet parents must also get the blood work and other examinations during the course of the treatment as advised by the vet. Neglect may lead to dire consequences.

• Dosage must be administered as per the advice of the veterinarian. In case a dose is missed, it can be given as soon as the pet parent remembers it. However, when completely missed, two doses must not be given at a time. It is best to let go of the missed dose.

• As vetoryl has side effects, it cannot be administered in certain conditions including pregnancy etc. Pet parents must therefore, inform the vet about all conditions associated with their canine friend.

It is important to note that the medicine must be bought from genuine pharmacies only.

For further details, contact them at

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