Plummeting Temperatures and Pet Care

Plummeting temperatures make the pain associated with arthritis more challenging for pets. Although NSAID’s relieve the pet of this pain, some other winter care tips can help in keeping the pet warm and comfortable.

Come winter and the attic is relieved of jackets, mufflers, woolen clothes and others. What’s more, it’s time to look forward to the whiteness on the streets, skiing, snow men and more. However, while we look forward to the fun times associated with the cold weather, our mute friend probably detests it, especially those suffering with Arthritis. The alleviating temperatures aggravate all pains and make things all the more challenging. Thanks to the availability of cheap pet meds online, Novox for dogs can be conveniently bought to relieve your four legged companion of the pain associated with arthritis.

novox for dogsArthritis in Dogs

Much like humans, time and age take a toll on the pet’s health too. The cartilage between the bones within the joints wears off. The alleviating protection increases friction between the bones, thus, leading to increased corrosion. It results in pain and inflammation. What’s more, the joints most affected are the weight bearing ones, including the hip, knees, spine, ankle and pelvis. Arthritis therefore, curtails the dog’s movement and makes even the daily chores painful and overwhelming for them. Although arthritis is not completely curable, due love and care coupled with the right medication can make life easy and comfortable for the pet.

Moreover, as plummeting temperatures increase pain, helping your furry friend keep warm while it snows can inhibit the pain.

When it Snows

So, here’s what you can do to see that Fido enjoys the winter months as much as you do.

• As arthritis is associated with the weight bearing joints, it affects obese dogs more than others. Excess weight stresses the affected joints. Weight management is therefore, important for pets. Avoid giving in to sugary treats. Providing the pet with a high quality, yet low calorie diet keeps their weight in check.

• Naturally; most dogs are protected by the fur covering their body. However, when temperatures are low, they do require an additional layer to keep their bodies warm. A well fitted warm coat is ideal to save the pet from the wrath of the cold weather.

• Another way to keep the pet warm is to avoid taking it outdoors when temperatures are low. It can not only cause injury, but also aggravate the pain associated with arthritis. So, keep the house warm and pet indoors.

• Pets affected with Osteoarthritis are often reluctant to exercise; thanks to the pain. However, lack of exercise worsens the situation. What’s more, as stepping outdoors can make Fido uncomfortable, exercise is the winter months can be difficult. In the best interest of your furry friend, it is advisable to encourage indoor exercises. Placing turf in the house and creating space for it to play and exercise helps.

• Keeping the pet warm is highly essential. So, have a warm, fluffy bed to keep it warm and insulate the kennel.

• Pets are also prone to injuries in the winter months. However, address these immediately to control the problem from taking a gigantic form.

Using these tips along with appropriate medication like Novox for dogs can drive the winter blues away. What’s more, with genuine online pharmacies providing cheap pet meds online, fetching medicines for your four legged friend is convenient and easy.

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