The Goodness of Metacam for Dogs

NSAID’s are the safest way to handle arthritis in dogs. However, among the many NSAID’s available in the market under different banner names, metacam seems like the best. Here’s how and why.

Rewind to the 1980’s – The only cure for arthritis related pain for dogs was Aspirin. Yes, it did relieve the pain, but also suffered from a significant number of side effects, primarily gastrointestinal.

Back to 2018 – A number of reputed companies have come up with a variety of drugs, better known as NSAID’s to enable dogs suffering from arthritis to lead a longer and better quality life. A host of labels and brands have flooded the market. The popular ones are Metacam for dogs, Rimadyl, Previcox etc. What’s more, thanks to the advent of online pharmacies, pet parents can now buy cheap pet meds online. They not only get medicines at discounted prices, but also gain the convenience of door delivery.

Metacam for dogs

The Better Metacam

Although all these NSAID’s relieve the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, Metacam stands taller than the others in multiple ways.

Here’s how.

Metacam is available in liquid and injection form. It is therefore, easier to administer it to pets who make it challenging to administer tablets.

• It is not only effective in reducing the pain and inflammation caused due to injury, surgery or arthritis, but also in reducing stiffness caused due to arthritis and others.

• Metacam is also helpful in reducing a canine’s fever. However, the dose varies according to the pet’s health condition. The dose may be lower for fever, but higher for arthritis.

• It is sold by the tablet. So, you pay only for the number of tablets required.

• It reduces pain and irritation without the need for steroids.

It is important for pet parents to understand that it alleviates pain and provides relief only when the right dose is administered as per the instructions of the veterinarian. Some pet owners administer the drug only in acute conditions and stop it when pain reduces. As it is difficult to gauge the degree of pain felt by the mute Fido, it is advisable to follow the instructions of a qualified vet. Moreover, only genuine medicines bought from reliable pharmacies are effective.

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