Which is Better – Powder or Tablet

EPI is a condition in dogs, indicating insufficient production of pancreatic enzymes. Although Pancreplus can treat this condition effectively, the various form sin which it is available often perplexes pet parents. Here are the details about the same.

Endocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, popularly abbreviated as EPI is a disease, wherein the dog’s pancreas is unable to produce sufficient enzymes for digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. Fortunately, Pancreplus for dogs is a supplement of the enzymes, similar to those produced in the canine’s body. It is capable of reducing the pooch’s suffering and bring back health and happiness.

The Dilemma

If you have a pet suffering with EPI, then Pancreplus for dogs is the appropriate solution to keep Fido happy and healthy. However, the heavy cost of the drug does not fail to cast a big shadow on your monthly budget. So, you cannot afford to make a mistake. The number of supplements and the different forms in which they are available may leave you perplexed. So, here’s an insight into the different products available in the market.

Two kinds of pancreatic supplements are available – one that has enzymes only and the other, which has enzyme supplements along with vitamins. These are further divided into tablet form and powder form. Pet parents are also in a dilemma about which is better.

PancrePlus for Dogs

Powder vs Tablets

As enzymes mix with food for proper functioning, powder form is better as it coats a larger amount of food compared to tablets. Moreover, powder coats the food better than enteric coated tablets. Consider flavoring food with a tablet as against powder. Undoubtedly, powder wins the battle.

Another popular misconception regarding Pancreplus is that it should be pre-incubated for enhanced efficiency. However, this is not required. Pancreplus is effective without pre-incubation too.

Finally, it is an Rx drug and must not be administered without being prescribed by a qualified and reputed veterinarian. Moreover, purchase the same from a genuine online pharmacy.

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