When Fido’s Digestive System Goes Bonkers

A malfunctioning digestive system can cause serious problems for your pooch. However, it can be addressed with a low-carb diet and right medication. Here is a detailed insight into Fido’s digestive system and its associated diseases.

Malfunction in a dog’s digestive system can lead to serious problems, sometimes even death. For; it can lead to improper digestion of food or mal absorption of nutrients, which can make Fido weak and ill. If you want to save your pooch from this dreadful disease, it is important to be aware of the causes, symptoms and treatment.

PancrePlus for Dogs

Pancreatic Functions

The pancreas performs both Endocrine and Excorine functions.

The Endocrine glands release Insulin. Insufficiency of these glands therefore, leads to diabetes.

The Exocrine glands, on the other hand, secrete enzymes into the small intestine, which promote digestion. Insufficient production of these glands causes improper breakdown of food and inappropriate absorption of nutrients. In veterinary terms, this condition is known as EPI (Endocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency). The affected animal loses significant weight despite eating healthy food and becomes weak and lethargic. At the onset, it can be treated with a low fat, low fiber diet and over the counter supplements of digestive enzymes. Most veterinarians recommend rice and boiled chicken along with supplements to provide the pet with essential proteins.

However, when the pancreas is more severely affected and fails to produce the essential enzymes, a more serious treatment line is required. The vet may prescribe prescription drugs like Pancreplus for dogs. Most pet meds claiming to treat EPI contain similar ingredients. As effectiveness of each may be different, it is advisable to stick to the drug prescribed by the vet. What’s more, the need for a healthy and fat free diet cannot be ignored. So, consult your vet for the diet too. Bland, easily digestible food is mostly advised. With consistent monitoring and drug administration, Fido’s digestive system will soon function appropriately again.

Post normalization, a high protein and healthy diet is mostly recommended to enable Fido to regain its lost weight and health once again. Buying appropriate drugs from a trustworthy pharmacy is also recommended.

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