Reducing Fido’s Pain and Suffering

Most senior canines suffer with Osteoarthritis, which causes pain and inflammation that in turn, restricts the pet’s mobility and flexibility. Well, with appropriate medication and other useful tips, life can be longer and more comfortable for the four legged animal.

The once friendly pooch is now reluctant to greet guests. The favorite game of ball does not entice it anymore. In fact, the much-loved walks are now shunned with a groan.

Osteoarthritis in Dogs

Sadly, these are not mood swings, but the result of degenerative joint disease (Osteoarthritis) that forces a playful pet to become dull and lethargic. Commonly seen in senior canines, Osteoarthritis restricts them from carrying out their daily chores without a painful groan. Well, thanks to the advancements in veterinary medicine and care, Novox for dogs among other NSAID’s helps in providing the four legged companion with comfort and longevity. Lists of few other things along with appropriate medical treatment help in saving the pet from painful days and weeks.

So, here’s what pet owners can do to relieve the pet’s pain and increase their lifespan with a few months or years.

Tips to manage Osteoarthritis

The signs cannot be missed. So, first and foremost is the need to visit a reputed vet. After due examination, the vet would most probably prescribe a set of medicines, which include NSAID’s, dietary supplements and chondroprotective medicines.

Time and age take a toll on the joints. The cartilage surfaces begin to thin and cartilage cells gradually die. Cells that die release enzymes, which lead to inflammation and therefore, pain. Joints and bones are not the same anymore. Discomfort comes along. A bed with memory foam that supports the joints and bones offers improved comfort.

Weak joints and bones are undoubtedly strained with excess weight. Although obesity may not be the cause of Osteoarthritis, weight reduction reduces the strain of joints and bones, thereby reducing the pain. This can be done by changing the pooch’s diet plan in a way that offers the required nutrients and cuts down on the fat and carbohydrate content. Moreover, despite the pain and discomfort of Osteoarthritis, exercise is recommended as it not only strengthens the muscles, joints and ligaments, but also reduces the risk of injury. What’s more, it aids weight reduction. However, it is important to remember that exercises must be appropriate for the pet’s current condition.

Using ramps and cubes and carpeting slippery surfaces aid flexibility and mobility, which reduce with Osteoarthritis.

Pets suffering with Osteoarthritis find it difficult to carry out their basic daily chores too. Pet parents must therefore, take extra care in brushing them regularly, helping them to visit the toilet and make things more accessible without strain.

Thanks to advancements in pet care, pets now live to a ripe old age. However, the side effects are degenerative diseases that can make their life painful and uncomfortable. Well, pet parents can help with the aforementioned tips.

Pet parents provide the love and care, which cannot be substituted with anything else. So, a blend of love, care and a few other tips can help Fido live life comfortably, despite the occurrence of diseases.

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